Our top 5 reasons as to why signage is important

We all know that there are many parts that make a business successful, and it’s more than just your logo, products, and services. It’s about the whole experience the customer receives. We all try to include everything in the customer experience – social media, website, emails, adverts, sales techniques and…signage.

Research shows that many people visit retailers when they’re shut – property developers/estate agents and car garages in particular. Your signage can have as much of an impact on your customers as your website, as people must find your website first, whereas a sign is visible and passed by many people throughout the day.

So, what are the benefits of signage?

  1. A sign does more than inform. Customers make judgements on the quality and attractiveness of a company’s signage. If a sign is hanging off the wall and tatty, it doesn’t make a good impression. This judgement can carry over to how your company’s product and services are perceived.
  2. Competitive advantage. Standing out from the crowd is difficult, however good signage can play a part in a customer choosing your business over another. Being creative, employing good design and a quality look for your signage can reap benefits for your business.
  3. It’s cost effective. Most marketing managers will know the benefit of signage and have this built into their marketing strategies. And it’s a one-off cost that just keeps on giving, unlike a paid social media or radio advert where once it’s done, it’s done. Signage is visible 365 days a year, 24/07
  4. Increase sales. Well-designed and attractive signage can prompt unintentional customers through your doors. When you consider that 20 – 45% of business sales are impulse purchases, you need to get your signage sorted both inside and out!
  5. Brand awareness. Signage is an essential part of building you brand – just look at some of the big players – they certainly use signage to its full potential.

And remember, according to a study by FedEx nearly 70% of customers believe a company’s signage is a reliable indicator on the company’s products and level of services. Many customers believe poor signage indicates badly designed products and unprofessional services.

The same study noted that external signage can also entice new customers into your shop with 76% of respondents stating they visited a retailer they had never visited before based entirely on its signs.